Legal & General Re offers annuity and longevity reinsurance that supports effective risk and capital management for our clients:

Annuity reinsurance

Our annuity reinsurance solution covers both longevity and asset performance risk arising primarily from pension obligations. This solution provides additional protection to the individual customers of our clients, guaranteeing them financial security in retirement. In exchange for a single premium at the outset of the contract, L&G Re will meet the covered proportion of our clients liabilities for their full term which can be in excess of 30 years.

Longevity swaps

Longevity insurance provides protection to our clients for the risk that their annuity policyholders live longer than expected. This is a regular premium contract that pays a benefit to the client of their contractual annuity outflows, in exchange for a fixed schedule of payments.

Legal & General SAC

Legal & General SAC is a wholly owned subsidiary of L&G Re, offering a low cost commercial structure to facilitate the transfer of pension risks effectively and efficiently between pension schemes and third party reinsurance counterparties. This is a unique, ring fenced, pass through structure but provides access for Defined Benefit pension schemes to global reinsurance markets.